Works before 2017

“I have to change to stay the same” (Willem de Kooning)

Since starting as a professional artist, over the years, my work has changed, as I were always to find out more about painting and how to express my thoughts and findings.

Thus, after a rather abstract start in 1982, in the period of the ‘frog figures,’ I developed an interest in the shape of the painting (1985-1989). Which ushered me into abstract works, focusing at (the painting’s)shape and its meaning (1989-1995).

Next adventure was to combine meaningful shape and figurative painting. (1996-2006)
and after that: expanding figurative meaning by adding mixed media to the painting, (human hair, diamonds, copper wire, wood, etc).(2006-2012). Meanwhile, I gradually reduced my painting’s shape to circular or straight cornered.

From here the paintings got more personal content, starting with my connection to S.E.-Asia in the Vase-series: (mostly Asian) girls in delft-blue-vases. More narrative elements, depicting more people together than before, in a mix of personal- and made-up situations, characterize the next series of works.

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